About KnowPlaceInTheWorld

KnowPlaceInTheWorld began as a way for me to workout in my own mind and reality the strong feelings and attitudes I have about our world today. It revolved around one central theme, one that I believe is at the heart of many of the greatest challenges facing humanity at this moment. If we all had a better understanding of where we are in the world, geographically and physically as well as politically and socially, we might improve our opportunities to create real solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems and obstacles.

Knowing how our societies fit together, inhabit similar places, eat different foods yet drink the same water, and share the same air may all help us find ways to cooperate rather than fight and create division. While this may be a lofty vision or pipe dream I can’t help but hope that I am not the only with this outlook.

My goal is to add stories from news sources around the world for your consumption, maybe some original writing of my own or some travel journals of places I visit, useful web links to sites of interest, a blog to interact and share thoughts, and maybe share a site visitor’s story. In the end I want this to be a place for people of all corners of the globe.

Thank you for visiting!